Psychotherapy for Residents of D.C., Maryland, & Virginia

Get help with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and mood disorders. 

We are currently accepting appointments for new clients. Contact us today about finding a psychotherapist who is a fit for you.

Our Psychotherapy Mission Statement

Therapy excels in an environment of safety and trust. Our method is to provide empathetic, customized approaches to each individual, based on their goals for therapy. We strive to provide psychotherapy that allows for lasting change.

Treatment Areas and Issues

Rock Creek Thrapy owner and D.C. Psychotherapist Charlotte Blutstein headshot in front of a woodgrain background.

Charlotte Blutstein, LPC
Charlotte Blutstein is the founder and director of Rock Creek Therapy. She specializes in helping people with relationship and anxiety issues.


Emily Wietmarschen, LPC, LCPC
Specializes in treating young adults dealing with stressors including trauma, relationships, & managing emotions.

D.C. Psychotherapist Lynn Roush wearing a grey sweater while in a forested area.

Lynn Roush, LPC, CAC-II
Lynn Roush has extensive experience helping people with substance use disorders, as well as trauma, depression, and self esteem issues.


Erin Hencke, LCPC
Erin is licensed to practice psychotherapy for residents of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. She is accepting new clients.

Online psychotherapist Anna Kaspark headshot. Wood panel background.

Anna Kaspark, LICSW
Anna has extensive experience helping people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss, addiction, codependency, trauma, relationship issues, and life transitions. See her bio for more information.

Adam Bloom LPC, LCPC, NCC, MAC Adam is currently accepting new patients for virtual psychotherapy. He also provides supervision for provisionally licensed clinicians in DC, MD, and VA. Learn more about Adam’s approach to therapy.

D.C. Psychotherapist Samara Richmond smiling in a headshot with trees in the background.

Samara Richmond, LGPC, NCC
Samara Richmond brings a holistic approach to her work that allows for lasting change, not just symptom reduction. Click the link here to read her bio and find out more about her approach to therapy.


Ryan Corl, PsyD
Ryan is licensed to practice therapy for Virginia and D.C. residents. He is currently accepting new clients. Read about his background and experience and find out more about his therapy approach.

D.C. gay male therapist Jeremy Ayers head and shoulders shot in a forested area.

Jeremy Ayers, LGPC, NCC Jeremy works with LGBTQ+ and BIPOC individuals to find an affirming, strengths-oriented way to thrive in a sometimes hostile world. Learn more about how he can help you. View his bio and schedule a consultation.

DC and Maryland licensed therapist Karen Buehler headshot with a blue shirt and colorful necklace. She is standing in a field with a forest in the background.

Karen Buehler, MA, LPC, LCPC Karen is licensed to practice psychotherapy in Washington, D.C. & Maryland and works with professionals and executives, LGBTQ folks, and people and families dealing with addiction. Learn more about Karen by viewing her bio.

Therapist Elaine Altmire headshot with leafy background.

Elaine Altmire, LPC, CAC-I
Elaine is licensed to practice therapy in Va, and D.C. Learn more about how Elaine helps people deal with stress, depression, anxiety and more. Read her bio to see if she might be a fit for your needs.

D.C. Therapist Mary Unverferth standing with arms crossed in a wooded area.

Mary Unverferth, LPC, NCC
Mary works with college-aged and early career professionals struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, and career changes. View her biography to learn more about her approach.


Roshni Chatterjee, LPC, LCPC
Roshni is versed in the cultural norms of South/South-East Asia and is fluent in English, Hindi, & Bengali. Learn more about her therapy approach and find out if she might be a fit for you.

Jessica Brown, LGPC
Jessica uses psychodynamic, client-centered, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address every client’s unique needs. Read more about her on her bio and see if she might be a fit for your therapy needs.


Dana Kippen, LGPC
Dana helps clients with disordered eating & body-image concerns. She also helps with clients with OCD, anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. She is currently accepting new patients. Click to read her bio.


Alysa Ain, LGSW
Alysa specializes in working with lawyers & professionals who feel stressed and stuck in their careers. She works with clients to help them know, express, & actualize what they truly desire.

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