Therapy Groups in Washington, D.C.

What to Expect from Group Therapy

Where is Group Therapy Conducted?

Our group therapy sesssions happen both online and in our Washington, D.C. office near Dupont Circle. Where the group sessions are conducted depend on the specific group you’re participating in. If you’re not sure, reach out to us with questions about whether a particiular group you’re interested in is in-person or online.

Will Group Therapy Help Me?

Group therapy can be a highly effective way to get treatment and support for a wide range of mental health concerns and other life challenges. While many people are initially skeptical or nervous about group therapy, most actually find participation to be extremely valuable and enjoyable.

Group therapy allows you the chance to experience the powerful healing that can come from listening to others share about situations similar to your own. It is not uncommon for group members to be surprised and comforted as others speak out loud the same thoughts and feelings they’d been having themselves.

Members are never forced to share, but most find it very relieving and reassuring to hear how many others can relate to the things they say to the group. Unlike other support groups, group therapy has the added benefit of being guided by a professional therapist who can share their own expertise and who is trained to assist a group in coming together in the most productive manner for healing.

What is Group Therapy Like?

Generally, a therapy group consists of 5-10 people who may be experiencing similar transitions or challenges in their lives. A group usually meets every week or every two weeks, and is led by one or two therapists who are present for every group session. Some people participate in group therapy alongside their individual therapy, while others feel that group therapy provides enough support on its own.

Rock Creek Therapy offers therapy groups for those dealing with a range of issues. Learn more about our group therapy work:

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