Moving Through Grief Support Group

An Intimate 6-week support group for adults struggling with the loss of a loved one

About the Group

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Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one and looking for support during your grief journey? Join our “Moving Through Grief” support group to help you navigate the grieving process, gain valuable insights, and build resilience.

The group starts meeting on February 1, 2024, and lasts for 6 weeks.

For more information or to reserve your spot please use the form at the bottom of this page or you can email Reena at [email protected]



  • Thursdays
  • 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Duration: 7 weeks
  • Timeframe: February 1, 2024 through March 14, 2024


  • Held online via Zoom

Duration of Meetings:

  • Each session lasts 90 minutes

Benefits of Joining the Group:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the grieving process and find solace in your individual experience of loss
  • Develop and practice tools and techniques for managing your emotions and conceptualizing your grief
  • Foster resilience and personal growth through shared knowledge and support

Why Karen/Rock Creek Therapy is Offering This Group:

  • Grief is a profoundly personal experience, but healing is often enhanced through a group process
  • Our group provides a safe space for sharing thoughts and feelings, finding comfort and commonality with others, and being seen, heard, and validated in all aspects of grief and mourning

What Sets Our Group Apart:

  • Small and intimate group
  • Focus on processing thoughts and feelings as well as developing tools and creating rituals
  • Format includes a check-in, an activity, a debrief, and sharing with each other

Eligibility and Registration:

  • This is a general grief support group for adults who are struggling with the loss of a loved one, open to individuals in DC, Maryland, & Virginia
  • To join, please contact Rock Creek Therapy via phone, email, or our website to schedule an initial intake
  • Our intake coordinator Reena will reach out set up an initial consultation with Karen

Cost and Insurance:

  • The cost of the group is $770 for seven weeks ($110/session, billed after each session)
  • The cost of initial 50 minute is $200
  • Insurance coverage may be available, please check with your provider about reimbursement under code  90853: Group Therapy
  • We provide therapy to clients as “out-of-network” providers. We do not take insurance directly
  • Please note that insurance reimbursement for group therapy is typically less than individual therapy

Grief Support Group Inquiries

Fill out the form to ask questions or to schedule an initial intake session

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Your Group Facilitator

Karen Buehler, LPC, LCPC


Karen Buehler, LPC, LCPC, brings over a dozen years of experience in incorporating grief and loss into her clinical work. Trained by leading experts and a Certified Grief Educator, Karen’s unique approach blends professional expertise with personal experiences of grief. Her presentations are marked by compassion, affirmation, and even humor, creating an empathetic and supportive learning environment.

If you have questions you can email [email protected] or fill out the form below  to sign up for one or all of the workshops.

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