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Evaluations for ADHD can help in different ways…

ADHD Assessment Overview

With ADHD assessments it is important to recognize what you want to do with the results. The biggest distinction in assessment approaches is whether you are seeking educational or occupational accommodations. We currently are unable to offer accommodations assessments, but may be able to add this service in the future. Below you can find some information about what to expect from each type of ADHD assessment.

Without accommodations:

This assessment is for individuals who are looking for confirmation of a diagnosis so they can work with a therapist and talk with their doctor about medication. This is common for individuals who are looking for help clarifying how their brain works and what they can do to take advantage of their neurodivergence.

Diagnosis can provide clarification to clients as well as their employers, family and friends, and results can be a starting point to building skills in areas they may find challenging.

The assessment can take 60-90 minutes, and consists primarily of a clinical interview and a few assessments. The fee is $650 at Rock Creek Therapy. Documentation of results can be provided in the following 24-48 hours after assessment. 

With accommodations:

This assessment is for those people who are looking for special assistance on top of any potential therapy or medication. This is common for people in college or adult learning environments where traditional teaching methods do not match up with their learning style.

Many programs require documentation in order to provide accommodations. These assessments help to understand how much your cognitive abilities differ as part of being neurodivergent. To do so, we use several tests to assess your specific abilities. Since these tests are more detailed and act as formal documentation, they can cost noticeably more. You can typically expect results within a week or two. 

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