Psychological Evaluation for Gender Affirming Surgery

Diagnosing Gender Dysphoria

Gender Affirming Surgery is More Than Just a Physical Transition

If your doctor is requesting you receive a psychological evaluation prior to gender affirming surgery, we can help. Before we do, we want you to know where we stand.

There are many ways people transition and different types of transitioning. We at Rock Creek Therapy do not agree with being arbiters of this transition process when physicians request it, and we advocate for change on those grounds. In the mean-time we will work with you to make this as easy a process as possible.

There are several steps we need to accomplish:

  • Confirming a diagnosis in gender dysphoria.
  • Assessing your ability and support system in the recovery process.
  • Though we will not assess for it, we would also like to talk with you about your transition plan and what it means to you.

The assessment is primarily a clinical interview for 60-90 minutes and will cost $300 with a potential for reduced fees based on financial need.

Contact us today about finding a therapist who is a fit for you.

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