Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment for Adults

Benefits of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

This assessment is tailored for adults seeking clarity and understanding about potential Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Adults facing challenges in various aspects of life, such as those in college struggling with academics or social cues, and individuals encountering difficulties in the workplace, may find this assessment beneficial.

Why Pursue the Assessment?

The primary goal of this assessment is to determine whether an individual has ASD. A diagnosis not only provides insight into the individual’s neurodivergence but also serves as a foundation for seeking accommodations.

Recommendations are formulated based on the concept that neurodivergence emerges from conflicts between the individual and their environment. Tailored accommodations can then address specific areas of conflict for each person.

Benefits and Outcomes of the ASD Assessment

  • Personalized Feedback: Regardless of whether an ASD diagnosis is received, each individual will gain valuable feedback on their experiences and receive recommendations for their unique situation.
  • Accommodations Guidance: Understanding how ASD impacts an individual provides crucial insights into potential accommodations. The assessment aims to identify areas where accommodations can be most effective for each person.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings from various assessment tools, conclusions drawn, and personalized recommendations. This report can serve as justification for accommodation requests in various settings.

Where Does the Assessement Take Place?

The assessment is conducted in person at Rock Creek Therapy offices, providing a supportive and comfortable environment for the evaluation.

Assessment Duration

Before the in-person interview, participants are required to complete questionnaires, which typically take about 30 minutes. The subsequent clinical interview, conducted in person, lasts between one and two hours.

Why Choose Dr. Corl for Your Assessment

Dr. Ryan Corl possesses extensive assessment training, encompassing intelligence, achievement, personality, and executive functioning testing. Beyond diagnosis, Dr. Corl is committed to highlighting the strengths associated with neurodivergence. 

The assessment approach emphasizes not viewing ASD as a “problem” with the individual but rather as a conflict between the individual and their environment. Dr. Corl aims to explore and understand the type of environment each person needs to thrive, providing valuable insights for personal growth.

If you are an adult seeking clarity about potential ASD or accommodations based on neurodivergence, we invite you to contact us at [email protected].

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