Executive Functioning Assessment

Evaluating Executive Functioning Skills

Executive Functioning Assessment Overview

Rock Creek Therapy conducts executive functioning assessments for residents of Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Learn more about the benefits of an assessment.

Executive functioning skills are critical for success in daily life.  These skills include planning, organization, attention, and problem-solving. Our team of psychologists is trained to evaluate these skills through a comprehensive assessment process.

Benefits of an executive functioning assessment include:

  • Identifying specific areas of difficulty that may be impacting daily functioning
  • Developing strategies to improve organization and time management skills
  • Identifying underlying neurological or mental health conditions that may be contributing to executive functioning difficulties
  • Informing educational and vocational planning

Individuals who may benefit from an executive functioning assessment  may be struggling in school or in the workplace, have difficulty focussing, completing tasks, or other symptoms that impact daily life.

An executive functioning assessment includes a combination of standardized tests, behavioral observations, and interviews with the individual and collaboration with any relevant collateral sources such as teachers,  parents, or significant others. Our team will work closely with you to gather a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and areas of need.

If you are interested in scheduling an executive functioning assessment or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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