PTSD Assessment in Washington, D.C.

Trauma Assessment Details

Diagnosing Trauma through CAPS-5

Some individuals need a formal diagnosis of PTSD. This often includes military veterans, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, sexual assault victims, and domestic violence victims.

We utilize the CAPS-5 (Clinically Administered PTSD Scale) method to assess and diagnose. Assessing PTSD is useful for targeted therapy treatments and adaptations aimed at trauma that would otherwise not be appropriate.

Additionally, individuals may want documentation to assist in disability or compensation claims.

Assessments on trauma can be challenging. We will work with you to help keep you from being overwhelmed in the process through relaxation techniques as well as open communication and  mentally preparing at each step.

This assessment can take 60-120 minutes and costs $400. Reports can take 48-72 hours to complete but may require follow-up depending on individual needs. If that is the case, we will schedule a follow-up appointment in the following two weeks.

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