Solutions Focused Brief Therapy

Specific problems need specific solutions.

What is Solutions Focused Brief Therapy?

SFBT is a time-efficient therapy that requires fewer sessions than other therapeutic approaches. We focus on the present rather than the past. As we do, we work to find practical solutions that play to your strengths to allow for quicker progress.

When you feel stuck or overwhelmed, SFBT can be particularly helpful. We can look at how to solve specific problems and look for proactive strategies to help in the future. With a positive and goal-oriented approach SFBT can help you break complicated issues down to small, achievable steps.

SFBT empowers you to take an active role in your own growth and well-being. You’ll better understand how and why your coping skills have taken you as far as they can, and develop new ones.

There’s a lot to be hopeful about, and sometimes we just need a little help. 

Get a Free Consultation to See if SFBT is a Fit

Mary Unverferth of Rock Creek Therapy is currently taking new clients for SFBT. To learn more about SFBT you can contact us via the form on this page. You can also read more about Mary Unverferth on her bio.

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