Psychotherapy for Life Transitions

What is Life Transition Therapy?

Coping with Change

As humans, we all go through times in our lives that are particularly stressful or that include difficult change. You may be going through a transition that you have been expecting for all your life, or it could be an abrupt, unpleasant surprise. Even positive changes can be stressful.

At Rock Creek Therapy, we frequently assist patients with life transitions such as:

  • Relationship beginnings and endings
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Serious illness
  • Moving-in with, or getting married to, a signifcant other
  • Becoming a parent
  • Playing a new role in the family
  • Job changes
  • Relocation/moving
  • Entering a new phase of schooling or your career

Processing Your Reaction to Change

Sometimes people are surprised at their emotional reactions to a change, including unexpected feelings of depression or anxiety. Sometimes a major change might even have us questioning our identity or how we feel about the world around us.

Benefits of Therapy During Life Transitions

Benefits of engaging in therapy at these times of transition can include extra support, new coping skills, and space to work through any underlying issues that could be adding to the challenge of the transition you’re going through.

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